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Rather than waiting for your smile to fail you, it is important to always be proactive and take the necessary steps to keep your teeth and gums as clean as possible. Just as all individuals may need additional oral health care and hygiene routines to improve the quality of their teeth, so too is it important to make sure you focus on aspects of your gums and gum tissue. If for any reason your gums are damaged, periodontal disease can set in.

Periodontal disease, also frequently referred to as gum disease, is an issue in which you are suffering from gum disease and infections within your mouth. Periodontists are highly trained to deal with aspects of your gum tissues and surrounding structures on your teeth. If for any reason you have suffered from gum disease, including early stages of gingivitis, you’ll need to visit our dentist for the appropriate care.

Periodontists receive specialized treatment beyond dental school to allow them to perform complex treatments including root surface debridement, root surface cleanings and bone tissue reversal. Furthermore, they are trained to install and repair dental implants if required. To help determine if you are suffering from the gum disease, visit our dentist for an exam.

To upgrade your smile with periodontal treatments, you are welcome to schedule a visit to our dentist in Hendersonville, Tennessee. If you would like Dr. Jean-Max Jean-Pierre and our team at Periodontal Care Center to bring you in for a periodontal exam, please call our office at 615-264-6404.