Since first appearing in dental practices 50 years ago, dental implants have gained popularity, with tens of thousands of people getting them placed with great results. At Periodontal Care Center, we offer dental implant to our patients in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Dental implants provide the base for replacement teeth that look and feel just like a patient’s natural teeth. They also function the same way, so nothing feels awkward, misplaced, or ill-fitted. Best of all, dental implants allow patients to enjoy their favorite foods, speak naturally, and smile with confidence.

Compared to dentures and bridges, implants offer several advantages:

• Immovable – dental implants are permeant, so there is no slippage
• No messy adhesives or nightly cleaning
• Easier to clean and floss

You may wonder if dental implants are a good fit for you. The best candidates for dental implants are those who have healthy gums and adequate bone structure. This is because the tiny titanium posts that are implanted are placed in the bone at the location of the missing tooth, and that base must be secure. Its purpose is to act as a metal anchor for the prosthetic tooth.

Dr. Jean-Max Jean-Pierre has received extensive training in dental implantology, placing many successful dental implants. To remain current with the latest technological advances, he also continues coursework in this technique. Dr. Jean-Max Jean-Pierre will perform a comprehensive oral examination to confirm you are a candidate for dental implants. He will take a complete health history and oral exam, take X-rays, and discuss the procedure with you to address all your concerns and questions.

If you are wondering whether dental implants are right for you, why not arrange a meeting with Dr. Jean-Max Jean-Pierre. We would love to have a discussion about dental implants with you, so please contact the periodontist today at 615-264-6404.