Lost bone and gum tissue can be successfully replaced by implementing the method known as guided bone regeneration in Hendersonville, Tennessee. This innovative procedure utilizes specifically fabricated membranes which correct any bone defects. Depending on the status of the existing tissue, bio-absorbable or removable membranes may be used along with bioactive gels.

Our skilled periodontist can effectively restore lost bone and gum tissue and increase the strength and health of your teeth when you experience bone regeneration.

If your smile is affected by periodontal disease, you may have noticed that your gum line has receded, making your teeth look longer than usual. Gum recession may also be caused by overaggressive tooth brushing, insufficient dental care, genetic factors, tobacco product use, grinding and clenching your teeth, hormonal changes, or crooked teeth.

As the gums recede, “pockets” form between the teeth and gum line, where disease-causing bacteria can easily accumulate and damage your teeth and bone structure. In addition to damaging the health of your smile, this can also negatively affect your smile’s appearance and result in increased tooth sensitivity. To treat gingival recession, our dentist may recommend guided tissue regeneration. This treatment option harnesses your body’s ability to regenerate and regrow tissue and bone.

Guided tissue regeneration involves folding back the gum tissues and removing bacteria. Our periodontist will then place a regenerative material such as a membrane, tissue graft, or tissue stimulating protein. This encourages the body to naturally regenerate tissues in that area. Once the regenerative material is in place, the gum tissues are secured over the tooth root. Over time, your tissues will regenerate to correct the gingival recession. Guided tissue regeneration can also be used to regenerate lost bone tissue to further improve your oral health. To learn more about guided tissue regeneration, we welcome you to call or visit us today. We are committed to helping you improve the appearance and health of your smile! Call 615-264-6404, or come see our team at Periodontal Care Center to learn how Dr. Jean-Max Jean-Pierre can use this procedure to restore your oral health.