Gum Grafting

While gum recession is among the most common dental problems, it is also one of the most serious. Without a full, healthy gum line, patients become susceptible to advancing bacterial growth. This bacteria can create not only oral complications, but health issues throughout the body. Using specialized grafting techniques, gum recession can be reversed using a gum grafting procedure in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Minimal gum recession leaves healthy gingiva in place to protect the tooth and prevent advancing bacteria from destroying oral health. In these cases, the patient can often put their recession on hold simply by modifying their oral health care habits. Unfortunately, when recession exposes the mucosa, that option disappears and patients are exposed to bacterial dangers.

Connective Tissue Graft

Health hazards aren’t the only thing patients may experience as the result of gum recession. Many patients report increased tooth sensitivity as the result of a receding gum line. Others dislike the asymmetrical, unpleasant appearance brought on by recession. In some cases, the recession may develop to the point where the root is exposed.

Gingival Recession

With a gingival graft, these problems can be treated and reversed by our periodontist at Periodontal Care Center. The procedure involves taking tissue from the roof of the mouth and applying it to the receding gum line. This gives the teeth a reliable band of gingiva that can again protect the enamel from encroaching bacteria. For those who already have exposed roots, a gingival graft can be applied in such a way that the roots are covered once more. A stable and reliable procedure, a gingival graft is often recommended for patients suffering from advanced gumline recession.

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