Because traditional orthodontic work often takes up to two years to complete, many prospective patients pass up the opportunity to improve their teeth. For those patients, there is a new option. With Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics, affectionally called Wilckodontics™, treatment time can be reduced to as little as three to eight months, in Hendersonville, Tennessee. His procedure, which delivers results four times as quickly as traditional orthodontics, was developed over a decade of intense research and refinement. With decreased treatment time, more patients can enjoy the benefits of thorough orthodontic work.

Results of orthodontic therapy using traditional braces are slow because of the dense nature of bone structure. Results are accelerated with the new technology, which is inherent in Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics; this is because the therapy incorporates a periodontal procedure. Employing barely noticeable incisions, Dr. Jean-Max Jean-Pierre places bone-grafting material beneath gum tissue. Saturated with antibiotics, the graft temporarily softens supporting bone, thereby preparing the teeth for orthodontic movement.

Faster bone remodeling is the key to accelerating the orthodontic procedure. By preparing the supporting bone with the grafting material, desired results are achieved in far less time. Once the grafting material is in place, traditional braces and Wilckodontics appliances are used to complete the treatment. When Dr. Jean-Max Jean-Pierre applies the braces, teeth are held in place while the supporting bone returns to its hardened form. For the average patient, the bone will be fully hardened within eight months, at which time the procedure is complete.

Dr. Jean-Max Jean-Pierre has been fully trained and certified in the use of Wilckodontics and Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics. Please contact the periodontist, at Periodontal Care Center, for a consultation, at 615-264-6404.

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